We name your key brand attributes to determine your personality and develop your tone of voice for every medium. 

We immerse ourselves in your brand to unearth your key benefit-driven brand messaging that is built around your point of difference and speaks to your audience’s needs. Defining personality traits will enable us assist the design and write in one voice

Memorable messages that mind the medium.

BRANd personality

Slogans and taglines

Website copy

Package copy

Tone of voice

print and digital marketing copy

Social media copy 

If you're looking for...

The right kind of personality 

Our research develops a commercial, social and timeless consideration for your voice that cuts through today, and tomorrow.  

A tone and voice spectrum 

A spectrum of language and voice that allows you to remain on brand whether you speak to your community or present a campaign narrative.

What not to say 

Defining the attributes that reflect your brand will not only outline what you say and how you say it, but what to avoid to remain cohesive. 

We can help with that.

We care about copy. Our collaboration with you enables us to communicate your brand story in an authentic, commercially viable way that remains true to your brand identity. 

All we've got to do is get started.

“Not just a design team, Studio.ACC delved into our brand ethos to create a unique verbal identity”

The team understood every inch of our brand from customer profiles to market fit. Their experience was evident in creating a holistic brand for us that spoke to our market with everything they did from package design to brand messaging. We couldn't be more thrilled with our incredible outcomes.

— Lindy rams-ellis  — founder, fig femme

“I'm SO GRATEFUL I worked with Lita on my new home design. Everything was SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. It was a whoa.”

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— Sarah

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